Why Us?

And so it begins

Pilas is a colloquial adjective used by Guatemalans to describe a person that is outstandingly great and very resourceful in any given task or skill. Therefore, we are Very Pilas!

We’re smart people. We think on our feet. We deliver. We provide value.

In Guate, we are also well-known for being warm, hospitable and helpful. Those are great core traits for superb customer service. Remote work is our forte. We are the secret sauce that keeps your local team running smoothly and on track. We can seamlessly plug-in to your team while remaining an independent driving force pulling your business forward.

Location, Location, Location.

Guatemala’s vantage geographical location within the central time zone allows for flexibility to easily service the US from coast to coast during regular operating hours.

Also, we are only a few hours from any major US Airport which proves convenient for business trips and vacations alike. It’s not all work, Guatemala offers an abundant tourism options, from adventure, cultural and medical to eco friendly mountains, jungle, beaches all within a couple of hours from each other. With regions and climates as diverse as our culture, there is something for everyone, guaranteed.

In terms of technology access, Guatemala is connected through submarine and terrestrial cables to the Network Access Point of the Americas in Miami, Florida. Network availability is 99.9%, with home internet speeds up to 10mbps and 30-50 mbps for commercial.

Meet us… remotely

Multi-cultured as we are, larger urban areas are heavily influenced by pop and business American culture. Which means, English is a widely spoken language. Most private schools provide bilingual education too, so many of us grew up using the language.

Every current Very Pilas associate is a seasoned remote assistant with a deep institutional knowledge of the business earned over time. They are experts at bridging the distance using technology and soft skills in addition to their outstanding performance.

We do work that must be done, so you can be focused on taking your business forward. You are always covered as the team is prepared and trained to provide on-going support during your operational hours. Even when your workload eventually spikes, we can put all hands on deck as an additional benefit.

Ber Jonfe
Marilyn Garcia
North America Services
Pilar Estrada
Latam Services
Alejandra Hernández
Administrative Assistant
Nelson Zuleta
Sr. Administrative

The Secret Sauce

We are your secret behind the scenes. We do the heavy lifting and grinding so that you are allowed to stay focused on your core competencies and important initiatives.We are all about process. Managerial or operational, we believe a sturdy process is basic for success. It brings you peace of mind that we will deliver as promised. Our performance metrics and quality key performance indicators are clearly defined as well as your key objectives in the service agreement.

By providing our associates with above average industry flexibility, we achieved greater engagement that has resulted in less attrition rates. We also provide career advancement opportunities and meaningful purposeful work. You benefit from a highly engaged and motivated workforce to bring their very best to the table