Is your question not listed?

Ask us! Through the chat or drop us a line at hello@verypilas.com

How do I apply for a job as a virtual administrative assistant?

Send us your resume to careers@verypilas.com A recruiter will get in touch with you in 24-48 hours.

Do I get to pick the virtual administrative assistant I work with?

When you partner with Very Pilas, we will match you with the best person for the job based on your needs, plan and program to be implemented.

How long is the implementation period?

It will vary depending on the plan you have selected and the program that needs to be executed. For simple activities you can expect to see results in as little as a few days.

How do you handle training?

When a new virtual administrative assistant comes on-board, we first train them in all Very Pilas culture that includes but is not limited to our business tone and fast pace. For specific client programs, during the Implementation period, Client Services and Training work closely together to ensure your administrative assistant is up to speed and tasks are running smoothly.

Who do I communicate with on a daily basis?

We practice a strong, healthy daily communication habit to keep you on top of progress. This communication happens with your assigned administrative assistant and/ or project manager depending on the plan you have selected. Your client services manager is also available for implementing new projects or adding a layer to an existing process.

How do I know my Very Pilas assistants are getting the job done?

From daily reports, real-time utilization tracking dashboards, metrics and results, you will know that your offshore team is hard at work.

How does Very Pilas track performance?

Starting with our training program followed by our implementation and Client Service curated by our Quality Assurance we ensure your program is successful in our hands.

How about your English level?

It’s excellent. Both written and verbal. Native-like in some cases. Business vocabulary and tone, idiomatic expressions, American cultural references….We can gladly provide with sample recordings or better yet, we encourage you to talk to any of us to convince yourself and get that concern out of the way.

Who are the virtual assistants in Very Pilas?

The Very Pilas collaborators are seasoned virtual assistants with impressive acumen in their areas of expertise (Media & Back-Office, Executive, Sales). We actively promote employing women and women that are mothers. Being a mother and woman herself, our founder strongly believes on the fierce motivation moms have to better their children’s lives through their work by being a source of income to their households. (We do hire guys that can multitask as well, too!)

Which Holidays do the virtual assistants take?

Very Pilas observes major US Holidays. When a holiday falls on a weekend, Very Pilas will follow the US federal day of observance. Since based in Guatemala City, all local Holidays are organized internally so that you are fully covered then.

Do Very Pilas assistants work on the weekends?

We provide coverage during standard business hours, Monday through Friday, in different time zones. If weekend coverage is required, a special plan can be easily tailored to tend your needs.

How is my coverage handled?

You are assigned one administrative assistant that will mainly handle your account with the guidance of the client services for your area. Depending on your plan, more administrative assistants can and will provide behind the scenes support, lending a helping hand. However, person can take the role of project manager to streamline the workflow and process. Unless you desire to do so, you do not have to interact with the whole team.