Intelligent, Educated people.
Ability to think on our feet.
Timely project delivery.
Low cost for high return.

With Very Pilas as your virtual assistant, we can do the heavy lifting and grinding so that you are allowed to stay focused on your core competencies and initiatives.

We can be the secret sauce behind the scenes.

  • Guatemala’s advantageous geographical location
  • English is a widely spoken language
  • We are all about process

Outsource to the Nearshore

Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of obtaining services from a third party that is based or located in a neighboring region or location to the United States.


Since wages at Nearshore locations are significantly less than U.S. wages, quality then, is the key factor you must look for.

Closeness to the US

Guatemala is a few hours flight away from any major U.S. airport. Travel time and costs are significantly reduced for personnel or vendor managers to visit the site.

Cultural Affinity

Through our multi-cultured background, understanding of the US culture comes naturally to us. English is widely spoken in major urban areas as well as exposure to American media.

What we are well-versed in

Media & Back Office

  • Digital marketing support
    • Campaign set up
    • Analytics forecasting
    • Pacing
    • Post campaign reporting
  • Brand safety
  • Blog posting
  • Content fraud prevention
  • Data entry
  • T/L1 and T/L2 technical support


  • C-level support
    • Priority contacts reach out / response
    • Scheduling & meeting management
    • Travel arrangements
    • Inbox management
    • Other sensitive tasks
  • Expense reports
  • Office manager and other admin related tasks


  • CRM Management
  • Post meeting follow-up
  • Assist with scheduling prospective clients
  • Lead generation and curation
  • Mass and personalized email communication
  • Electronic and outbound communication


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